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Custard’s World is a high quality, rollicking, adventure comedy that will capture the hearts and emotions of children, aged 5-11, and their families. Custard's adventures takes place in an expansive world, combining puppets, animatronics, actors, elaborate props, sets and miniatures.

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Family Matters

We are focused on bringing families together for great entertainment! An independent entertainment production company focused on the development and production of world-class, multi-platform entertainment for a global audience. Based in Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand Whoa! Productions is part of this network of creative companies and home of some of the world’s finest filmmaking talent and technology.

Local Characters On A Global Stage

Conceived and created in Auckland, New Zealand, by Whoa Studios, the characters of Custard’s World are locally made but representative of global issues relating to what it means to be a child, a family member and a friend in our modern world. Our characters have a universal appeal, portrayed by our world class puppeteers operating our unique, in-house designed puppets, in a fantasy world brimming with colour, adventure, imagination and fun.

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