Hang onto your smiles as wannabe super-villain, Dr Gloom, makes his bid to rid the smiles from the happy town of Doodle.

Can 4½ unlikely young heroes unite to save the day? Custard’s World is a high quality, rollicking, adventure comedy that will capture the hearts and affections of children, aged 5-11, and their families. Each half-hour episode takes place in an expansive world, combining puppets, animatronics, actors, elaborate props, sets and miniatures. Custard’s World follows the adventures of Custard and his friends, as they band together to thwart the crazy plans and contraptions of Dr Gloom, in his ongoing quest to become Super-Villain of the Year. A family show, packed with fun, laughter, mystery and adventure, Custard’s World features chases, escapes, near misses, traps, inventions, disguises and oodles of slapstick.