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Our creative team can design the perfect film making model for your film making experience, from creative pitching to final post production for you commercial and/or artistic story to maximising the experience for your team coming to use Stage One, our boutique studio facility. Our team of creatives and film makers are dedicated to the craft of film making and making the experience of using our boutique facility excellent from start to finish.  At whatever scale you work with Whoa! Productions and Stage One, we are dedicated to providing you with the best facility and people you have ever worked with.


The Whoa! Productions in-house team, working with some of the best specialist film makers and artists in New Zealand is now actively readying it’s flagship creation Custard’s World for television, online platform and feature film production.  Custard’s World will be the first feature film starring puppets going into production for 30 years and the first ever produced for family audiences.


Using top of the line technology, housed in a purposed built boutique film studio and combined with the specialised in-house and contracted personnel needed to support any kind of boutique filmmaking, Whoa! Productions and Stage One are the most innovative creators and creative space in Auckland. The popularity of Whoa! Studios as an entertainment facility is in part attributed to the live shows it stages.  No live show at Whoa! is complete without the integration of multi-media and film making.  The talents and skill shown so far directly contributes to our success.

Meet Whoa! Productions

Creative Team



David Sutherland is the founder of Whoa! Productions and Whoa!Studios and creator of Custards World. Working to develop the original characters and universe of Custard’s World with Auckland based theatre innovators and the internationally renowned creator of Wallace and Gromit, Bob Baker, the property is an absolutely unique prospect in terms of New Zealand Film and television production.  The live shows, created around Custard’s World have generated record breaking audience numbers and it is set to become New Zealand’s most popular family show ever. 


Grae Burton has worked in all creative aspects of film and theatre for his entire life.  He is an award winning writer of children’s theatre and a champion for new and emerging film makers and theatre companies.  He was Associate Producer and a Director for Wallace Productions Ltd, Executive Producer for the record breaking “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”. He recently produced the re-mastering of the kiwi cult classic Desperate Remedies.


Freelance D.O.P/Director and Modula Motion Control Specialist

Simon has 15 years industry experience as both director and cinematographer, across a spectrum of international film work in feature film, documentary, multiple TV shows, and brand based content. His has extensive background in documentary and reality film shooting covering documentaries like the longest horse race in the world in Mongolia, or a flying car across the Sahara desert from London to Timbuktu for BBC, and a show with Bear Grylls.



Al has 15 years of experience working as an Illustrator, concept-artist, set designer and animator. I've had an interesting career in varied aspects of film and TV Shows. I've also been a freelance concept designer and illustrator and have done work for clients such as Disney, Sony, Lakeshore and many other smaller studios and companies.



Dan has worked for over 20 years in theatre, film and television as a prop maker, designer, and art director.  His work has featured on TV shows like Sparticus, Power Rangers, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Last Samurai, Whale Rider, numerous TV commercialsand stage shows such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Macbeth and for the Black Grace Dance Company.

Dan has been engaged at WHOA! Studios since its inception and has been an instrumental vision behind the look and feel of the productions and experience at WHOA!


We Have a Passion for Storytelling

Storytelling dates back to the beginning of time. The purpose of storytelling is to share stories that unite us. Great stories bring us together and bridge the gaps among us. They’re also tools for learning and exchanging ideas.When a story is told well, the listener is transported on a journey to a new place.